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Various types of vape chargers that can be used by you

Vape is known preferred as the best substitute for individuals who want to quit smoking. They are an electronic device that enables you to smoke without the use of tobacco or any other harmful weed. The vapers desire for the best vape battery charger for long-lasting hours of the vape. The charger that came with a vape you purchase it is not of the excellent quality because they have less capacity, so people prefer to buy custom batter and special chargers manufactured for them. The best quality charger ensures safety and fast charging of the vape.

Some of the best chargers available in the market

Efest V4

The Efest is the best quality charger available for recharging the vapes, and they are very basic looking chargers that have made their functional space in the market due to for providing valid and safe charging. They are specially meant for recharging the Li-ion batteries. They are equipped with the USB charging port which can also be used for charging your other gadgets such as smart phone, and it also includes a display on it that indicates the battery pack up of the charger.

Nitecore i2

This is one of the intelligent charger available in the market. It is the downgrade version of i4. It has several top-rated features that have made it popular among the full range of chargers. This charger has the quality to charge different types of batteries and can also recharge two different types of battery at a single time. It does not have a big display, but it is equipped with Led light indicator to give you information about current charge levels