Idle heroes events benefits

Idle heroes events benefits


Events are an essential part of any of game or social part. In the real world we participate in some of the events to meet new people and play some funny tasks. So now move to the game and in this many of events happen. In events, you can complete certain activates or actions, so that you earn some rewards. Many of the events for making money and some for increase your skills. You need some of the game currency with Idle Heroes Hack for purchasing your best heroes and any another thing. The idle hero is war based game with some strategic approach.

There are many kinds of events:

Summon events

At the first level of the game these types of events and you participate in it. The main objective of these events is claiming prizes for high-level heroes. These events just for contact and continue the game and give positive motivation for the player.

Militants events

If you love to spending time in the battle, so this event gives you a hike in the game. In which most of the different quests happen. You have to win these quiz consist and claim a 5-star hero. A few numbers of quest related to winning battles. Each battle gives you 2 point. When you reach the specific numbers of points, a big quest started. Now you are able to claim your rewards or points.

Fusion events

If you merge your heroes, each fusion gives you a certain amount of gold, magic and other important materials. In this event, some limits also fix for a gamer, so that you can perform some of the events at one time. Not any permission required for fuse your heroes. Complete these events because resources and point are prime sources for a gamer.

Casino events

Gambling events are in the game is just for fun and earns some points. Each spin of the wheel gives you one event point. You need 600 spins to be eligible for many rewards. By investing some real money, you can get 480 spins.